Anthony Jeffery


Anthony Jeffery was born in 1960, in a small town in Kentucky. He was born to a southern bell, who had a heart of gold. Anthony was the youngest of four. In 1963, at the age of 2 years old Anthony's biological father (who was born with a Ishmael spirit and raised by a gypsy fortune teller, medicated all his lives problems through drug and alcohol abuse) was taken from this world in a car accident. Anthony's mother was left all alone in this world with four young children. One year later God's presence was evident in this family's life, as God brought a man from Anthony's moms past back into her life. They got married and he moved the family out to Phoenix, and the journey began.

Settling in a community called Sunny Slope in the fall of 1964, they began to attend and fellowship at a small church called First Baptist Church of Sunny Slope. Harry, Anthony's new father knew that Deuteronomy 6:4-9, was going to be a very important scripture, as the spiritual leader of this family, to live by.

In 1968, Anthony at the age of eight, accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior, and while sitting on the second row in church waiting to get baptized, had a visitation from Jesus Christ. It was that night that Jesus had come and personally called Anthony into a life of ministry. But by the time Anthony was 12, worldly desires began to penetrate his heart and he began to slide backwards. By sixteen years of age, he flunked out of school and all activities. Anthony was a wrestler and had goals and dreams of making it to the Olympics, however his destructive life style changed that. That would be the very tool satan needed to keep Anthony in bondage with drugs, pushing him into a life of crime and violence.

By the time Anthony was eighteen, he had felt life was not worth living anymore. All alone one night, he had decided to end it. With a gun stuck down his throat about ready to pull the trigger, the Holy Spirit showed up. The Spirit of God embraced Anthony with the love from his Heavenly Father. Sitting in His presence, Anthony begin to have hope again, and realized just how much God really loved him.

Not much more then a year later, sick and tired of all the physical and mental abuse from one of his older brothers, Anthony stuck a gun in the face of that brother and from a point blank range pulled the trigger. With Jeremiah 29:11, being a Rhema word for Anthony, once again the Holy Spirit showed up. The bullet went somewhere else rather then his brothers face. So instead of shooting his brother, Anthony got a crow bar jabbed in the stomach. A small price to pay after being saved from committing murder.

At the age of twenty, Anthony got married. Within two years had his first child and one more several years later. Unable to maintain a steady job as a construction worker, Anthony always fell back on criminal behavior. Throughout his youth Anthony had became a thief, and robber, and small time drug dealer. One day in the eighties a childhood friend showed up at Anthony's door and made him a offer he could not refuse. Anthony began to transport and sell crystal meth from one state to another. Finding himself all alone once again, Anthony realized that he was being used as nothing more then a drug mule in a drug territory take over. About ready to get busted, (Anthony was being set up by the very people he was working for) he cried out to God, and said, "God if you get me out of this I will serve you for the rest of my life." As God cleared the path it wasn't but hours later that Anthony had forgotten the promise he had made God. He began making plans to continue his prosperous business of drug transporting and dealing. Upon his return home Anthony had found out that the very organization that he had been crossing over with drugs had found out it was him and issued a death warrant out on head. With this kind of lifestyle being one of no trust, Anthony's brother whom he tried to kill years earlier, found this as a opportunity to get even and the chase was on.

Hiding out in a motel full of guns, trying to protect his wife and children, Anthony answered a call from a long time friend of his mom. She said she would send a man over to help. Anthony, caught up in the action, thought he was hiring a body guard. He agreed to allow the man to came and talk to him. The man showed up with the love of God, sharing the gospel,in a sweet and gentle way. All one hundred and twenty pounds of Anthony got very angry because Anthony realized this man wasn't there to help him sell his drugs. Rather he was there to lead Anthony back to the Lord and help get him on the right path. When Anthony told him he had no idea what he was talking about the man stood up. As he stood to his feet, the man seemed to transform from a gentle witness of Christ, to a very large, 6' 5”, 290 pound linebacker. The linebacker inform Anthony that he would either listen to him and accept Jesus as his lord and savior, or he would grab Anthony by his throat and strangle the life out of him. Unable to get to his guns, Anthony thought it might be a good idea to listen to this man. It was that day, July 1st 1988, that Anthony's and his wife knelt down in a motel room and committed their lives to the Lord, and was set free from drug addiction and a life of crime.

After the linebacker tackled the devil from Anthony's life, they moved to California. It was there that God began to put their lives back together. After a year in the Golden State, they move to Seattle Washington, and settled in a good life living for Jesus. But as the call on Anthony's life began to surface again, he would up root his family and move to Portland Oregon. He started a very prosperous business. Still hiding from the real purpose God had for his life, satan was able to come in and bring destruction into his family and their lives.

In 1999 Anthony found himself going through a very bad divorce. Anthony once again found himself all alone. With no one else to turn to he turned to Jesus. He began to really understand the love of his Heavenly Father, getting to know Jesus and the Holy Spirit as his best friend. It was in this process, that Anthony decided to follow Jesus with all his heart, and move towards walking into his destiny.

Between 1999 and 2009 Anthony has been involved in many different ministries and projects. Around 2000 Anthony began to assist in the leadership and teaching in a drug and alcohol support group for adults. In 2001 Anthony began taking the gospel out to the streets, realizing that you had to get out of the walls of the church to reach the broken hearted. It was then in 2001 that and through street outreach to the homeless, that At The Foot Of The Cross ministries was birthed. Anthony started up a drug and alcohol support group for teens in Portland Oregon. At that time Anthony began to teach and lead youth groups out on the streets to care for the broken hearted. Anthony's heart was to teach about servanthood, and the whole idea of giving what you have to others. First and foremost the true love of God, the GOSPEL. Anthony loves to live and teach from this verse, Nehemiah 8:10. In 2006, Anthony started a intercity church, out of his home, and then opened up a housing facility, brining people off the street, giving them a place to rest, calling this place AFC Rest House. But with lack of a proper prayer cover and accountability, he would soon find himself under heavy attack, bringing him into a place of ministry burn out.

In the fall of 2007 Anthony was led by the Holy Spirit to serve in the shadows of a awesome ministry called Extreme Prophetic. Resting quietly behind the scenes serving in the conferences, God begin to restore and bring revival life back into Anthony's life. In 2008 Anthony joined the Extreme Team in Pattaya Thailand for Operation Extreme Love.

“It was like a coming out party for me, because revival was released out of my own heart and spirit. It was if I had a fresh breath of life, being given a new passion in my heart. Restoration, a strong word, that is what He started in me in 1999, restoration of the very life and destiny that He created me for.”

In the last ten years there has been a lot of ups and downs. Anthony's love for his Jesus, and friendship with the Holy Sprint has carried him through a lot of trials, refining him into who God created him to be. Knowing that he is a work in process, Anthony presses into the release of the Holy Spirit in and out of him, crying out to be coated with the GLORY OF GOD everyday, understanding how much he needs that. Even Jesus understood how important this was to do everyday (John 17:1-5). Anthony's prayer for this world is that we would all desire to walk in love with all people, saturated in His Glory, changing the atmosphere around us.

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