Missions: Thailand

Imagine you are 6 years old and your family is so poor that their only option to survive is to sell you into the sex trade. At 6 years old you will be forced to do sexual acts on older men, (doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl). You will probably never see your family again. You are looked upon as a piece of property. These are the very things that are happening in Thailand.

Now imagine if someone came along and pulled you out of that horrible life, and gave you an education, gave you a purpose, and gave you the Gospel. What if someone told you that you are precious and loved, and a treasure in the eyes of Jesus Christ?

Currently we are focusing our resources on Thailand and the surrounding areas such as Cambodia, Laos and Burma. AFC founder Anthony Jeffery will be moving to Thailand in September to have a hands-on roll in sharing the Gospel in those nations. Our mission in Thailand is to first and foremost rescue the children out of the sex trade industry. We believe the only true way to accomplish this act is by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into one of the darkest and oppressed areas of the world.

Our plan is to go into Thailand, and other parts of southeast Asia, and build relationships with the very people that are involved with the trafficking, and the physical and mental abuse of children. We believe that anybody that could hurt a little child like this must also be hurting themselves. The word of God tells us that love covers a multitude of sins.

AFC's mission is to go into this nation and surrounding areas, and firmly establish the Kingdom of God, with the love of Jesus, teaching and sharing Gods' word with hurting people. We will bring light to the truth and believe for complete healing in their own lives, and give them purpose. We know that when this happens the children will then be set free from their immoral injustice that has been brought against them, allow a healing to start in their lives. When we do this, it is then that we are completely in line with God's word on love. The Holy Spirit will move in full power, bring restoration, and Heaven will invade Thailand.

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